IT support analysis of business processes

All companies are based on business processes — even if they do not use that terminology and have not put down in writing anything in that respect. Other terms expressing the same thing are, for instance, work descriptions, routines, procedures, instructions; what it really boils down to is ”how do you…”

IT can be used to automate or support such business processes.

Business processes change over time. This is often caused by strategy changes or rationalizations. An IT system that automates or supports an old business process can be very disruptive for a company and its employees. It can even be a threat to profitability and thus for the survival of the company. It is therefore important that the company monitors continuously the efficiency of its IT systems — its application portfolio — to ensure that these systems support current and future business processes.

An analysis gives you a qualified and necessary basis to obtain an overview of the current situation including the identification of strengths and weaknesses.

EH 2010-02-11

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